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Intelligent Chatbot

Intelligent conversational robots, as a technology encompassing considerable knowledge from multiple disciplines,almost emerged along with artificial intelligence. With the increasing importance of intelligent robots in today's society, more and more sectors and positions require their participation.and thus our intelligent chatbots have already entered your daily life.

Face Recognition

Utilizing advanced technologies of computer vision and machine learning, the system analyzes input images/videos to detect faces present. Meanwhile,based on the localization of facial features, it performs geometric and illumination normalization on the faces, followed by extracting distinctive facial features and comparing them with known faces to identify the identity of each person.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition technology is based on the principle that the ridge and valley lines and their detailed characteristics on the frontal skin of a person's fingertip are unique. It identifies personal identity by comparing the detailed characteristics of different finger lines of each individual's fingerprint with those stored in a known database.